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The inner workings of a Johnny's fangirl

9 October 1984
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It was massively time for an update. xD

I'm a 24 year old fangirl living the dream. A university graduate, my major was Psychology, my minor was English. Now I live in Japan, a participant in the Japan Exchange Teaching Program, or the JET program. I live in Nikko, a small mountain town in Kanto, surrounded by beautiful history, nature, and only a two hour train trip from Tokyo.

I'm a lover of all things J-pop, J-drama, and K-pop. I try to limit my fangirling as much as possible, but lets be honest folks... how possible can it be?

Current count:

Concerts: 3
Butais: 1
Famous Person Sightings: 2

§『Kamiki Ryunosuke』§ is my personal ~JAILBAIT~