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Jan. 22nd, 2009 | 09:11 pm
location: My Kotatsu
mood: cheerful cheerful
music: Summertime - NEWS

Once again, it’s been forever since I posted.  I have to say though, I’m still doing better on this blog than I ever have before, so that’s a good thing, right?  I feel like I WANT to post more often, when things are happening I always say to myself, “I want to go home and post about this!”  it never happens though.  There are easier things to do at home.  Like playing Final Fantasy VII again on the emulator on my computer.  Christmas and new years were wonderful.  Darren came to visit me, and we had an awesome time in Tokyo and Imaichi. We got to go to a concert, and went many places. Tokyo tower, Odaiba, Nikko, others… I introduced him to people, we spent a wonderful day with my host family in Utsunomiya, we ate sukiyaki and fabulously delicious cheese-filled takoyaki. We had a wonderful time. I was very sad when he went home.

 The concert went to was NEWS Winter Party Diamond.  Despite the dorkiness of the name, it was a really awesome show.  I’m very glad to have seen a Dome concert, but I must say I like the smaller arenas soooo much better.  I think I’d go to just about anything in Yoyogi or Johnny’s theatre, and Yokohama was quite nice as well.  The goods were a bit disappointing though, unless you actually got something with a picture of the boys on it, it was almost impossible to get anything that even said NEWS on it!  I got the con bag mostly out of token loyalty and the fact that all the con bags I have are paper.  I wanted a cloth bag, dammit!  It says ‘WINTER PARTY DIAMOND” on it in big letters…. And there’s this teeny tiny little brand tag up in one corner that you would never see if you didn’t search for it with a magnifying glass that says NEWS just about that big. >.< I didn’t even bother with a t-shirt, they were all white and said “DIAMOND” in big red letters across the front.  If I’m gonna be a fangirl, I want people to read “THIS IS THE NAME OF MY HOT JAPANESE BAND!” across my boobs.  Not “MY SHIRT HAS A ROCK ON IT.”  The cell phone straps were awesome though.  Made up for almost everything.

The girls that I sat with at the concert were Japanese, so, of course, at the end of the con they turned to me and the first thing they said was “did you understand Yamapi’s solo?”  Now… if you’ve ever heard or seen the lyrics to MOLA you will understand my sudden dilemma.  It’s Yamapi’s “I had Jin write me a song” song.  I think it’s their height and wide doe eyes, but Japanese girls always seem so much more innocent than I’m sure they are, but I can’t ever quite bring myself to explain all the dirty little details of songs about sex. I settled for, “it was a bit ‘eroi’.”  And tried to change the subject.  Now as long as none of my students ask for a translation, I’ll be fine.

On that note, I did get asked for a translation the other day…. Of ‘Angel Come to Me’.  Dear god.  How do you translate nonsense?  Anyone want to help me out here? I figure I’ll just try to translate directly and when they accuse me of doing a bad job I’ll swear it’s not my fault! The English was like that already!

Now school is starting up again, and I’m back to spending long hours at my desk in which I don’t have nearly as much stuff to do as I feel like I should.  Is my job really this easy, or am I missing something?  Well, either way, because of it you get nice long posts.  >D

On another note though, I was sad this Christmas!  No one sent me ANY Christmas cards!  It made me lonely a bit.  Well, I take that back.  Tomiko sent me one, but she lives in Japan too. xD I know it’s not for lack of information, I sent out a lot of postcards back in the fall, and like, 15 Christmas cards myself… but no one writes me back.  Ah well.  That vent is over now. xDD I love you guys.

Anyone else dying waiting for this season’s dramas?  I want to see Rescue and Mei-chan so BADLY!  T.T Mainly I just want to see Takeru in a larger role, though I did love his character in Bloody Monday.  Which by the way, despite the typically animeish ending, was a FANTASTIC show. I DID buy the Save the Earth shirt… I still have a hot Haruma wallpaper on my computer from that show, and probably will for some time.  Did you know that in the manga Otoya likes Haruka?  Creepy…

OH! I also bought the Satoh Takeru 2009 poster calendar. <3 Thank you Darren!  It is indeed filled with hotness. It’s made me crave some den-o again…  I seriously need to find someone to RP den-o with.  I want to see the latest movie too.  Oh!  Kamen rider fans, what do you think of Decade?  I mean… it’s PINK. And the suit design….  Nooooot my favorite.  I am loving the re-release of all the other Kamen rider stuff, I’s got’s Ryuuki junk! Soooo, theories?  An excuse to bring den-o back without insulting all the other riders?  A cop-out for lack of better ideas?  Or could it actually end up being made of awesome? Oh, and if he can become all these other COOL riders… why does he even need a gay pink suit? Do you think they can get all the actors back?  I mean, Hero and Takeru are pretty big time now, though I know they’d have a blast doing it. But then, do they need to? I wonder how much they’ll even be in it.  @.@ confusion.  But, like a loyal junkie, I will watch, despite my disappointment in Kiva.


(no subject)

Dec. 8th, 2008 | 08:27 pm
location: My Kotatsu
mood: bored bored
music: Monkey Majik - Bicycle

Once again I have free time at work, but today I also have my computer with me!  That means you all get another nice long novelesque post.  >3
How is everyone?  I miss you all!  If you read this, I miss you!  If you don’t read this, clearly you don’t love me enough.  Phoo.
It’s finally cold here, it was cool for a really long time, and I was wondering about this whole ‘long cold winter’ they complain about.  It finally got really cold about a two weeks ago.  Now I’m always running my kerosene heater, and I live under my kotatsu.  For those who don’t know, a kotatsu is a low Japanese floor table with a heater underneath it.  The table top lifts off the table frame and you drape a kotatsu futon over the frame.  It’s a big squishy square blanket  that hangs down across the floor, and traps the heat under it.  You pull it over your legs and lap, or over all of you if you want to take a toasty nap on the floor. XD  It’s the best winter invention ever.
I will say this, I may hate summer, but I love how distinct the Japanese seasons are!  In NC, or at least Boone, the in between seasons like spring and fall got a little confused sometimes.  It would start to get cool, then it would be hot again, then it would snow, and then it would get hot, then cool, then snow, hot, snow, cool, snow, cool, hot, and eventually it just stayed freezing.  Winter had come.  XD
Spring was the same in reverse.  The battle between summer and winter for dominance over our lives.  Teh suck.  In Japan, it was not so.  The summer was bloody miserable.  I wanted to kill myself.  Maybe this is why the Japanese are prone to suicide.  It’s their damn summers. >.<  But as the end of summer rolled around, it got a bit more bearable, and a bit MORE bearable, and then it was pleasant, and then it was the cool side of pleasant, followed by jacket cool, followed by mild cold, followed by winter.  It was amazing! 
I hear it’s snowed already back home, not so here.  I wake up in the mornings to see snow on the mountains… but not here.  Soon though, I think.  I look forward to the snow. 
Tomorrow I go to Tokyo Disneyland!  I’m so excited about it!  I’ve never even been to Disneyland in America, and now I get to go IN JAPAN!  I’ll take lots of pictures.

Well… it’s still only part way through first period, and I have no idea what I’m going to do with myself for the rest of the day.  It’s exam week, so I have no classes.  I really don’t have much to do at all, but I have to be a body at work.  Blah.  I could play solitare.  Omg, I AM that bored. 

I watched the latest espisode of Kiva and Keitai Soukusan this morning.  Wooo.  I have so many dramas I’m trying to keep up this season, it’s an amazing season!  I believe I have mentioned before how awesome Bloody Monday is, it’s fast-paced, well thought out, and I love the actors.  Even if I didn’t though, it would still be amazing.  Ryuusei no Kizuna is my other addiction, I love finally seeing Ryo playing Ryo, not a jerk.  I think Ryo would be like this character.  Hehehe

It’s finally December!  It’s hard to believe.  Sometimes it feels like I’ve been here no time at all, and sometimes it feels like forever.  Both in a good way though.  This is just life now.  It’s comfortable, easy, full of daily routines and little adventures.  I need a new car though, the transmission went out on mine, and it’s hard to get to my visiting schools.  >.<

(no subject)

Nov. 19th, 2008 | 08:17 pm
location: My Kotatsu
mood: chipper chipper
music: FT Island

See, one of these days I'm gonna learn how to keep up a regular journal.  With like, regular entries and everything,  Wow.  that's the strangest Idea I've ever heard! 

It's finally winter.  I was wondering when this 'long cold winter' they keep talking about was going to happen, given that where I used to live it usually snows by now.  >.>  But it's finally here!  I woke up yesterday morning and there was snow on the mountain peaks that I see from my bedroom window.  it was really quite beautiful.  The best part was that as I drove to work there was still fall foliage surrounding me.  See, Mount Nantai is about....  8 thousand feet tall?  and I'm at like...  1000 at best.  but Nantai is only 10ish miles away!  So I still have fall and Nantai has snow.  I got a picture, I'll upload it later.  It's beautiful.

I had a listening class today.  When I first started teaching this class it terrified me.  The students were silent, I didn't know what to do, and I didn't have a Japanese Teacher with me to translate or to help out.  Now I know them a bit better, and I can usually make them talk.  I finally realized that for these kids, even just an hour of conversation with me is a 'Listening Class'.    Now we have a lot of fun.  We're planning a Christmas Party, and I told them about the idea of a Potluck party.  hehehe.  I look forward to seeing what they bring.  I'm making pie. Yum.  Pie.

Hmmm.... what else.... 

Japan To Date:
Concerts:   3 attended (Johnny's SUMMARY, Abc-z/Kisumai x2) , two more planned (NEWS, Countdown)
Butais: 1 attended (Tsubasa's World Wing)
Famous Poeple sighted (outside of said events): 2. Avril Lavigne (does she count?) and Arayan from D-boys
Goods bought: OMGwaytoomany

Nuff said.  xD  Life is good.

(no subject)

Nov. 19th, 2008 | 10:21 am
location: The north pole
mood: cold cold

So this is a call out to everyone that's hung out with me for like... the last ten years. xDDD  I know I've had some crazy hair colors....  but I have no pictures!!!!!  I told my students that I had purple hair, and they asked for pictures and would you believe it...  I don't have any!  I searched and searched.  Soooo...  if anyone has any pictures of me... high school, college, or otherwise in which I have the purple in my hair, could you pleeeease send them to me?  <3<3<3 love you all, miss you all!

PS. I would also like to note that there is something SERIOUSLY wrong when you put your hand in your refrigerator in the morning for milk and then try to crawl inside when it's warmer than your house is.

PSS. Bloody Moday = Hottest drama ever.  I would have his babies.

Live from japan

Oct. 9th, 2008 | 07:25 pm
mood: content content

FIRST! I have a photo album online now for pictures from Japan! 

there are several galleries there, for your viewing pleasure.

Another long day at work, and a perfect opportunity to write to you all again!  You’ll have to forgive the oddness of my typing, I am typing on a Japanese keyboard.  I may eventually throw my hands up in frustration and stop bothering to use apostrophes, in which case I apologize.  It’s above the “7” key, you see, and that is amazingly IRRITATING!  or I:ll just use the key that is where it SHOULD be…  which if you didn:t notice is the colon.  … I fail to understand Japan sometimes.  xD

 Life here is becoming incredibly settled.  I:m making friends, and I:m enjoying myself greatly.  Now that it:s October the weather is getting cooler, and I love it!  It:s gotten down to around 50 degrees Fahrenheit here, so not really all that cold as anyone that lived in Boone with me knows.  Hehehehe.  I:m getting to know my students better, and that:s a wonderful thing!  There are some really wonderful kids.  

 I am in charge of an after school class here at my base school which is a class to expand their listening and speaking skills.  They get remarkably little practice with that in Japanese schools so the class is good for them.  It is a fun class for me, (I can avoid the apostrophe by wordy writing) I get to interact with a few students more than I would be able to otherwise.  Yesterday we played a game where I would describe a picture in great detail, and they had to remember it.  Afterwards they would come up one at a time and draw one thing from the picture until the class had collectively drawn the whole picture.  I think we all had fun.  I am never sure if the third years are enjoying it as much, but I think they are working so hard to prepare for the entrance exams for university that they are more focused than the others. Not necessarily in a good way in my opinion.

 I was sad to find out the other day that third years must quit all their high school clubs in September of their last year in high school.  This is to give them more time to study.  I remember clubs…  in both high school and college.  Especially in college my club was the highlight of my time there.  My friends, the things we did, the passion I put into it is something that I will never forget.  the thought of having to give that up so early, not being able to enjoy it to the end mad me really sad.  The other teachers could not understand why I was sad for the students.  Maybe it is just me.  What do you guys think?

 On another note, I found shoes that fit me! Now, admittedly they are hard to find, but it is a possibility!  I wear a 3XL…  or as some stores put it, “Model Size”.  Hahahahahaha! Clothes are also sometimes a possibility….  though pants are more difficult.  Girls pants from the “ookii saizu” (big-person-size) section are all too short, and boys pants squish my hips.  T.T  I need a new pair of work pants though, I:m down to one. O.o  

 I am going to another concert in a few weeks, down in Yokohama.  Wheeeee!  Several girls in one of my classes have ordered that I tell them all about it when I get back, since they can’t go to this one. 
 Well, I think that is all for this time around.  Another nice long novel for you to read.  I miss everyone! 


From the FUTURE

Sep. 20th, 2008 | 08:01 am

Hello everyone!  I send love from the FUTURE!  …so you can expect this to be a pretty long post!!!  It feels like forever since I’ve gotten the chance to write!  But then, it HAS been forever, hasn’t it!  I think it would be impossible for me to describe to you all everything that has happened since I arrived here, but I can at least do my best to share some!


First of all, Tokyo is an amazing city.  It’s everything that it always looked like it would be, crazily busy, full of lights and people. Shibuya is just like I imagined, and pretty much everywhere else is too. I went to a concert with Scribe, and it was absolutely amazing! We went to Odaiba, one of the fancy districts in Tokyo. The new train was gorgeous, and the tracks spiraled through the air over parks and inlets of the bay.  It was simply beautiful. The concert was pretty amazing too, the fact that we were foreign girls got us rather lot of attention. 


But on to the more mundane part of life.  My life. I love it here. Tokyo is not far from me, maybe two hours by train, but I simply love the town where I live. From the window of my apartment I can see the mountains, beautiful steep and green mountains often wreathed in mist or bathed in setting sunlight. Other days, these same mountains are barely visible, if at all.  The humidity here is capable of erasing their existence even on the sunniest day. Several times now I have ventured up into them, into the heart of Nikko, Japan’s most famous little town of culture and mountainous beauty.


So about my regular life.  I teach at four Senior High Schools.  Learning to write lesson plans and figuring out what is supposed to be IN those lesson plans is the hardest part for me. My main school is Imaichi Senior High School.  It has the students that I love the most.  They are friendly, curious, and though not all of them care about English much, that is only to be expected.  The teachers are friendly, helpful, and very busy.


My second school is Imaichi Technical High School.  It is a vocational school.  Warehouse rooms of machines, tools, and boys in dirty jumpsuits are a part of daily life. over 90% of the students are male, and the classes are loud and disruptive.  I’m not really sure how to handle the students, they intimidate me there, but the teachers are absolutely fantastic.  I feel as though some of my best friends here are teachers at that school, though I barely know them. I play badminton with them on Mondays, I think it is the highlight of my week,


I don’t know as much about my other schools yet, I know that Nikko Meihou used to be an all girl school and specializes in winter sports.  An Olympic speed skater at Nagano trained here in Nikko.  The fourth school is Imaichi Special needs school, and I look forward to starting there in October. The kids seem as though they will be sweet sweet kids, even though learning English is most likely impossible for them. There I have been told to please use my Japanese as well.


I have a car now!  I only got it a few days ago, but I love having it already. It’s funny to think that it’s actually my first car!  I drove the family car to high school, and I had my motorcycles in college, but this is the first car that I can call mine!  It’s old, a 1991 Subaru Rex.  I think they stopped making them in 92. Heh. It is what they call a Kei car here.  A small economy size car, cheaper all around. With the size of the roads here, I love its small-ness.


Ah, there are so many stories that I want to tell you all, so many people and things that I wish I had the time to put onto these pages.  But you are probably already tired of reading, this post has been far from short.


Aug. 2nd, 2008 | 10:24 am

Omg guys, I did it! I am here, in Japan. It:s a little overwhelming, really. here, in Japan. It:s a little overwhelming, really. I suddenly am reminded of a little overwhelming, really. I suddenly am reminded of how very LITTLEjapanese I know. It:s difficult being an extrovert with no way to socialize. My school in nice, though not airconditioned. That bothers be. The other teachers are nice, but all older than me. Clearly I need to learn Japanese fast. Im in an internet cafe right now, trying to navigate the Japanese keyboard. There are a lot of extra buttons, the space bar is TINY, the Japanese keyboard. There are a lot of extra buttons, the space bar is TINY, I had to bike like 20 minutes to get here, it:s clear across town. My area of town is very inaka, which is to say very traditional and small. this area is where the more modern area is. Anywhoo, life has been very busy but quite fun. I shall go been very busy but quite fun. I shall go into more detail later when I get the chance.


Apr. 7th, 2008 | 01:45 pm
location: ASU computer lab
music: Fahrenheit - (song who's title I can't read)

ZOMG... It's been one BIPOLAR week!!!  From Weds - when our Septic tank flooded our house... ew - To thursday - when I GOT JET!!!!!   ^.^

*dances*  I'm going to Japaaaaaan, I'm going to Japaaaaaan  *flail*

Omg, but there is so much work to do first, I barely know where to start.  I am finally only the medical examination away from having the first set of the work done.  whew.

To YOU - I love you!  Nothing has been better than having you around to share my life with!!!  <3

To YOU - I miss you sooooo  much, be there soon!!!

To YOU -  So far away, never face to face, but always supporting me from your strange little sheltered city of crazy-night-life.  <3

To YOU - A new friend, but glad to have made!  I still owe you a certain Kamen Rider fic.  >D  Coming soon i promise!

To EVERONE ELSE:  Love you all!!!  And just remember...  Never donate blood, eat the flesh of supermodels, and ALWAYS HAVE FUN!!!

Life is good

Mar. 5th, 2008 | 03:51 pm
location: Home
mood: artistic artistic
music: 叫 - 郑楠 (Bull Fighting OST)

Nuff said.

Learning Photoshop, now I can make killer Icons and photoshop boys together.  >.<  Wait, maybe those aren't the right motives.

Need to catch up on Kiva,  Need...new...kamen rider... now.... *dies*

Got to talk to my sensei's other Japanese classses on campus today about JET, the application and interview process.  That was fun.

Wrote new smut again for the first time in a long time last night, and got really good responses to it on jent_fanfics.  That made me happy.  xD  Maybe I should make a career out of this. Drabbles are fast and fun to write, I'm good and smut, and I like to think I'm a decent and witty writer, which can't really be said for all smut.


I love you all.  Request some random pairs and I'll write drabbles for you!  xD 
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Maware~ maware yo~

Mar. 1st, 2008 | 01:45 pm
location: Home
mood: chipper chipper
music: AAA - Mirage

So, I should go back to making my powerpoint now.  xD  Listening to AAA on live streaming radio... mmm, that is happy.  Found the best streaming site.  It's a girl with a station on Live360 that plays top singles and songs, as well as running the top Oricon lists every week.  Yays!!!  Streaming j-pop that's not anime!    Anywho, already heard some V6, SMAP, KAT-TUN, Koda Kumi, AAA...   Life is good.  

OH.  And I heard from my project partner, I'm no longer doing this whole presentation on my own!  *rejoices*  Life is good again.  Very very good.  

Not to mention the absolutely FABULOUS AMAZINGNESS that is the new Kanjani8 PV.  I think my day couldn't get any better.  I wanna play whack-a-mole with pop stars....  >3